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Want to Choose Better Words?
Our words matter. Our words have always mattered, but they matter more now that the Internet gives us the power to make our words permanently public. Words might help or hurt someone. Our words may have more power than we believe them to have when we use
How Good Are You at Geography Games?
If you cannot travel the world, why not travel the Internet? GeoGuessr is a new, online travel game. It teaches aboutgeography , while visiting places far and wide. The game is easy to play, but nearlyimpossibleto win. Geoguessr uses images from Street
Photo Editing App Improves Your Shots
People take hundreds or even thousands of photographs with their smart phones. But when they take a special photo, they might want to make sure that the picture looks its best. Photos canpreservememories. They help people remember a special day or event.
Facebook Reactions Much More Than a Like
The Facebook “like” button was one of the social media website's most popular features. But now Facebook has added more emojis that users can click on to quickly express their feelings about a post. The five new buttons, called Reactions, are love, haha
Find Your Best Place to Live
Some people can live wherever they want. But all of us can dream. Perhaps you want to move somewhere else and make a change. Maybe you just want to shake things up a little. Some jobs let us live almost anywhere. Today many positions require only an
Apple vs. FBI And Your Privacy
A dispute between Apple and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, has put law enforcement and technology in conflict. This could affect privacy, safety and security in the U.S. The dispute involves the FBI investigation of the mass shootings
Top 5 Crowdfunding Projects Ever
A great idea is never enough. You need money to turn your idea into a reality. Your family and friends may give you money for your idea. But you are going to need more people toinvest, unless you have very rich friends and family. Crowdfundingis a
10 Tech Tools to Teach You New Words
Technology has given us new tools and ways to learn languages faster and easier. Here are a few tools that could help you. Dictionary.comwill give you the definition for any word. It also explains usage. Functions include teaching a new word daily,