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Is There More Lying In This Election?
Did you know that U.S. General John Pershing shot 49 terrorists with bullets covered in pig's blood? No? But presidential candidate Donald Trump told that story to at least 2,000 people at a campaign rally recently. The story is nothing more than
Americans: Jobs More Important Than Terrorism
Better jobs, pay and economy are the top issues for voters, a Voice of America informal study revealed. Of all the questions voters asked of candidates, 27 percent were about the economy. “What plans do you have to create better-paying jobs than minimum
New US Poll Throws Doubt on Trump Lead
One American electionpollshows a shift in theRepublicanParty race for U.S. president. Texas Senator Ted Cruz has become more popular than early Republican front-runner Donald Trump, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. The poll shows
Clinton Wins in Nevada, Trump in South Carolina
On Saturday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defeated Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Nevada Democratic caucuses. Political experts say the clear win in Nevada was a big relief for Clinton and her supporters. They say Sanders must prove he
Candidates Mimic Animals on Campaign Trail
During a campaign visit in Nevada earlier this week, Hillary Clinton told a story about her husband, Bill. Bill, or William J. Clinton, was the U.S. president for eight years, starting in 1993. Before he was president. Clinton was a politician in his home