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Using the Passive Voice
This Everyday Grammar is all about the passive voice. The passive is a verb form in which the subject receives the action of the verb. For example, "I was born on a Saturday." Most sentences in English follow thesubject-verb-objectpattern known as
Using the Right Article
What word appears most often in English? It's "the," also known as thedefinite article . Its partner, theindefinitearticle "a", is also among the top 10 most frequent words in English. According to Professor Elka Todeva of the SIT Graduate Institute in
How Much Do You Know about Quantifiers?
Today we are going to talk about different ways of expressing quantity in English. Aquantifieris a word or number that shows an amount or number. You probably already know how to use common quantifiers likemuchandmany . For example: Howmanyapples would
Do You Wish You Knew Better Grammar?
In English, wishis a powerful word for expressing your dreams, hopes and desires. Here are some examples: We wish you the best. Her mother wishes they would get married.
The Story of the Double Negative
In this week's episode of Everyday Grammar, we're going to talk about two common types of double negatives. Adouble negativeis when you use two negative words in the sameclauseof a sentence. Let's take a real-world example. In 2012, President Obama spoke
Changing Prepositions With 'Provide'
English learners know thatprepositionscan be difficult to master. There are 94 one-word prepositions in English, and about 56 prepositions with two or more words, called “complex prepositions.” This adds up to 150 chances to make mistakes. We cannot, of
Everyday Grammar: Our Top 10 Separable Phrasal Verbs
Today we return to a very common verb form in English – phrasal verbs. You will find one phrasal verb in every 192 words of written English. They will make your English sound more natural once you begin using them correctly. In an earlier program, we
30 Phrasal Verbs to Help You With Technology
This is our third episode on phrasal verbs. As you know, a phrasal verb is a phrase with two or more words: a verb and aprepositionoradverb , or both. Today we look at very current phrasal verbs: ones used with technology. The digital age has created